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ith the IronCloud Office, taking your work anywhere you need to go has never been easier. Let IronCloud's managed IT services help you find the right software you need to conduct business on-the-go, keeping you mobile, competitive, and effective in your field. Create, edit and share files, communicate across the globe, and maintain your high-security needs from anywhere with the IronCloud Office.


IronCloud Office

managed services in Lafayette, INOffice 365

IronCloud offers Microsoft Office 365, the most versatile tool for creating and managing files wherever you need to go. Create, edit and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Maintain coordinated calendars and e-mail with Microsoft Outlook, and communicate through instant messaging with Skype for Business—complete with video messaging capability.


managed services in Lafayette, IndianaSharePoint

With SharePoint, you can store and access your files remotely. SharePoint provides a file server on the web, with the security you need to keep your information safe. Share files both inside and outside of your organization, and keep track of any changes with SharePoint’s revision history, allowing multiple people to edit a file while keeping track of who made each change. Long-distance collaboration, now made easier.

Lafayette, IN managed servicesQuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is your accounting solution. Manage your company’s finances with the user-friendly QuickBooks program. Track your expenses, create and send invoices, take in online payments, run payroll, view business statements, and prepare for tax season, all with the online convenience of QuickBooks Online.


it services Lafayette, INSophos Cloud Antivirus

Sophos Cloud Antivirus system is now online hosted, giving you cloud antivirus protection no matter where you are. Regular security updates match the regular threats you face, so you can work anywhere, even off of public WiFi networks, securely.

it services Lafayette, IndianaSpecialized Applications

IronCloud offers other specialized software for more specific needs. Talk to our team for more details.


it services in Lafayette, INFAQs

What is the cloud?

– The cloud is a term used for online software that allows you to use business applications in more than one place. The cloud-based office is ‘up in the sky’, a place to work wherever you designate it.

How can I benefit from using the cloud?

– IronCloud offers many different applications that use cloud technology to help benefit your business. Microsoft Office 365 allows you to create and edit documents on any licensed device anywhere you need to work. SharePoint is a file server that lets you load files and then access them from anywhere remotely.

Is the cloud secure?

– With tools such as Sophos Cloud Antivirus, you have the security you need to keep your business safe, even in public spaces. IronCloud can help provide the right tools to keep your files secure.


There are many ways that scammers can try to take advantage of your personal and business information. One of the most common routes is called ‘phishing’. Typically, the scammer sends a harmless-looking email with a link to another web page inside. That link actually gives the scammer access to your computer system to steal information, from your files to your credit card and bank account information. To keep your business safe, IronCloud offers cloud antivirus. Securely work from anywhere. Now that’s smart business.

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Aura E.

Thomas Duncan Hall


Whenever we have a computer issue, we know we can rely on IronCloud Technologies for outstanding, professional service to help us solve the problem promptly.
They are conscientious in their work and their reasonable rates make them very affordable, too.


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Advantage Title


The guys at IronCloud Technologies are quick to respond to our needs, and are always able to solve our computer issues.
Since we’ve started working with them, our systems have become more secure and reliable.


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Dan F.

Financial Arts, Inc.


As an insurance agency one thing that we understand is risk and we are very lucky to have IronCloud Technologies as our IT partner. They make us feel very secure in our technology systems.



We provide services to any size business, whether you are a sole practitioner in your field or a regional conglomerate. IronCloud Technologies, Inc. is ready to provide you the IT goods and services you need with the customer service you deserve. No question is too trivial; the IronCloud team is here to help you. See the difference with the IronCloud Experience.

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